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187 Edwin Warner Park, Roadway 2010-02-08

the Old Roadway in Edwin Warner Park

I have visited Edwin Warner Park many, many times, but I have never walked the old roadways. On all my previous visits, I limited my activities to walking or running the great trails.

Nashville had had a rainy week and that coupled with melting snow left the ground a soggy mess. I was sure all of the trails would be very muddy. As a rule I try to avoid hiking on trails when they are muddy because of the extra damage incurred by my footprints. Looking for an alternative to the trails, I noticed the Warner Park Map described the Old Roadway as a multi-purpose trail. That was enough incentive to make it my weekly excursion.

Being closed to motor vehicles, the roadways are used for walking, fitness walking, running, dog walking, and stroller pushing. On a cold February morning there were many users enjoying the roadways.

Starting from the Natchez Trace Trailhead, I walked almost all of the roads, including a loop through Ridgefield, on to the river (and back), and the two roads which enter the Park from Old HIckory Rd. Including the scenic overlook I walked 5.75 miles.

A few trail notes...

  • There were a lot of dogs being walked.
  • There were also lots of people.
  • It is popular trail for a reason. It is a good safe (from vehicles) place to walk.
  • Bicycles are allowed on the roadways, but I did not see any.
  • Small arrows on posts marked the direction to follow for the Tree Trail Loop, the major loop of the old roadway. The loop was easy to follow.
  • There were mileage posts on the loop in half mile intervals.
  • There were quite a few benches along the road.
  • None of the hills seemed steep.
  • Most of the junctions with the other roads inside of the Park were not signed. It was easy to see it was a junction, but I had to consult a map to confirm the correct directions.
  • I walked a big loop by using all, or most of the roads.
  • The Old Roadway Connector Trail, which connects the two roadways which intersect with Old HIckory, was only signed in one direction.
  • The stone walls and guard fences were remarkable.
  • There are no winter restrooms or water other than at the Nature Center.
  • The restrooms were closed at the Little Harpeth River Picnic Area.
  • The area is open until 11, it would make a great night hike.
  • The Scenic Overlook and the Ridgefield field are nice areas.
  • We will do a detailed map and data on cloudhiking as soon as possible.

It was a fun, scenic day.

Happy non-muddy trails.


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