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613 Little Harpeth Picnic Area 2012-04-03

Jake in the little Harpeth

Over the weekend we were working on a few projects around the house and continued to work on the big Fall Creek Falls map for cloudhiking.com. The map is not finished yet (but almost !!!) and for that matter neither are the chores around the house.

Sunday, we decided we at least needed to go to Warner Parks and stretch our legs. Jake, our dog likes playing in the Little Harpeth River so much, we decided to start our hike from the Picnic Area. Entering Edwin Warner Park (cloudhiking's map) from Vaughn Road, we drove looking for a quiet spot for Jake to swim without disturbing anyone else. The only problem was, there was no such places. There were people everywhere. Finally after parking at the Harpeth River Greenway's Butler Field Trailhead, we found Jake a swimming hole.


hiking on the Harpeth Woods Trail


It was Sunday afternoon on a near perfect spring day, but we were surprised by the number of picnickers. Every shelter was occupied. Every parking space was filled. Every spot to spread a blanket or set a chair near the road, was taken.

So what was up? We decided it was just spring and a good day for a picnic. It was great to see that many folks using the Park. They might not have been getting tons of exercise, but at least they were outside enjoying a picnic.

A few trip notes ...

Despite our dry weather of late, the Little Harpeth still had a good flow.

The trails were not nearly as crowded as the Little Harpeth Picnic Area.

There was close to 100 vehicles in just the Butler Field area of the Park.

Lots of folks seemed to have gone straight to the picnic grounds from church.

Many ethnic groups were represented by the picnickers.

Everyone looked like they were having a good time. It was a very festive atmosphere. Lots of good odors were coming for the many grills.

The one thing we did not enjoy with the masses of picnickers was the loud music. Each group seemed to have their own music and all of it was loud. It was so loud that we could hear the music not only on the roads and picnic areas, but also on the trails. We had loud, distorted, music on the entire climb up the Harpeth Woods Trail. When we finally crossed over to the northwest aspect of the Park, we reentered the noise of the woods - the calming sounds of chirps and beeps.

We met one hiker who was training for the Appalachian Trail. We wished him, good luck.

It was a good day.

Happy picnic trails


Metro Parks Picnic Shelter Rental Program


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