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744 On the Streets

tractor with lights

A few weeks back the neighborhood association requested that we (as in the neighbors) decorate our houses for a special fund raising event. The event was not a contest, but instead it was a horse drawn carriage ride up and down the streets where we live. Frantically, on the weekend after Thanksgiving we crawled up on the ladders, strung lights, decorated trees and bushes, and made a reasonable attempt at a Christmas-izing our house. Many of our neighbors also spent time and money adorning theirs too. In general, we thought the street looked more festive than in recent years.

During some recent walks, dog walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting Christmas observations ...

The Tractor

A few weeks back a friend told us, while walking they saw a tractor in neighbors front yard. They immediately said, the tractor needed decorations. Returning a few days later, the tractor was decorated. We went to check it out. We were told it was a 1947 - Farmall Super A and it still runs!

Santa and his sliegh in yard art

Santa and His Sleigh

More Yard Art

Featured in the Halloween - On the Streets was a yard filled with yard art. Well, for Christmas the same yard has even more art. We do not go by the house often, but we have friends who live close by and the rumors are exciting. Evidently the yard artist rearranges the scenes often. So, it is never the same yard twice!

Oh, the night time pictures did not come out great, so we had to return for daytime shots.

manger scene in yard art

Manger Scene in Yard Art

decorations on a house


We have a sidewalk in our neighborhood that bisects through three long blocks. A few years back while we were at a friends house, their youngster was entertaining us in the living room. As dark approached, she disappeared into her bedroom and returned dressed for a winter walk wearing a hat, coat, and boots. From her bedroom, she could see two blocks up the sidewalk to an award winning decorative house. We all laughed as her mom took the young girl for a walk to see the lights, again.

We nicknamed the house, the Griswolds from the Chevy Chase - Christmas Vacation. The house truly looked like a wonderland.

Nowadays, the house and yard decorations have been toned down, but it is still quite ornate.


Happy Christmas trails


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