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774 On the Streets

Girl Scouts taking orders

During some recent walks, dog walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting observations ...


Soon after the New Year, solicitors were seen on our street going form door to door selling their goods. It was Girl Scout Cookie time. As the mom escorted the girls to our front door they saw we had a sign posted on the storm door - 'No Solicitation.' The small girl asked what that meant. The mom responded that it didn't apply to them.

The mom was ever so right. We look forward to cookie time each year, but what might even be better than the cookies is to see the shiny faces selling and delivering the cookies.

To help write the Journal, I just ate a yummy Samoa. Really, Amy (my wife) I didn't want to eat it, I had to take one for the team!

Good job, Girl Scouts

Right Turn on Red

On my daily running route, I cross a busy intersection. A traffic light is at the end of a ramp exiting from the Interstate. A "No Right Turn on Red" sign hangs high in the sky, next to the light. Rushing cars speed up the ramp, usually stop, and then many of the vehicles turn right on red - despite the sign's instruction.

I have noticed the right-turners for sometime now and have wondered why they keep disobeying the sign.

Well, the other day while running I was crossing the intersection (with the green light) and a car rushed to turn "right on red" in front of me. I watched the drivers eyes. They never looked up at the red light nor at the sign. It was apparent that the intersection would be a stop and the driver only looked to the left to check for traffic. I don't think they even slowed to a moving stop, they just turned right and continued. All the cars behind that lead vehicle did the same.

I stood in the middle of the intersection watching them turn. Suddenly, I saw what was wrong. The sign was hanging by the light overhead. The drivers never looked at the light and never saw the sign. It might just be a simple case of bad sign placement. The sign needs to be either lit to bring attention to the instruction, or an additional sign needs to be placed at eye level. Of course the drivers still might run the light anyway, but it wouldn't be because the sign did not get their attention.

Oh, none of the drivers turning right on red, looked to the right to check the sidewalk before turning right. Danger, danger, danger. Pedestrians, beware!

Happy Walker

While running the other day, I saw a walker on the sidewalk ahead of me. We were traveling in the same direction. I quickly closed the distance to him. As he walked he was singing and dancing. Nearing the walker, I saw he was using earbuds and the music was loud enough for me to hear it, twenty feet or so behind him.

I slowed my pace and called out, 'on your left.' The walker did not hear me and continued swaying back and forth across the sidewalk in time with the music.

I called out again, 'on your left.' He still did not hear me. After one more caution, I sped past him.

I scared the wee-bee-jeebies out of him. I felt bad and turned to apologize. He couldn't hear me so I pointed to his earbuds.

He just smiled and returned to his singing and dancing ways.

He was definitely one happy walker.

Happy February On the Street trails


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