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the Little Free Haunted Library

During some recent walks, dog walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting Halloween observations ...


The Little Free Haunted Library

A few weeks back a little box was erected alongside the sidewalk. The folks that lived at the address had a long standing tradition of decorating for Halloween, but this year there was change in the air. We crossed the street to check out the box - it was a Little Free Haunted Library!

Interestingly enough, we had just heard about the Little Free Library program on NPR. What a great idea. We (along with many other neighbors) immediately went home and found appropriate books to donate to the library. The Little Free Haunted Library might be the best "treat' possible for any neighborhood.



The Hansel and Gretel house

Old Hansel and Gretel

And in a nearby neighborhood, Hansel and Gretel have gotten old, but what about the Witch??? Oh, dear me. But wait, I do believe there is a a sweet ending to this tale.

The new Hansel and Gretel verse

Maybe we can slip out of our treating duties and venture over for some taffy!


can and wood yart art sculptures

Yard Art?

You could definitely say, the yard was not traditionally decorated. The yard is filled with sculpture-like beings. Haunted for sure. Be careful if you Trick or Treat at that house, one of the sculptures might be real!!! Woof or Weet!


Mount LeConte

The Mountain of Tennessee is not in our neighborhood, but we were interested in the snow levels left by the storm, Sandy. Can you say 40 inches!


Check out the Mount LeConte Blog. I guess all the trick or treaters on LeConte will dress as snowmen!


Happy Halloween. Be safe and watch out for all those little goblins and princesses.


Happy Halloween Trails


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