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935 On the Streets
June 2014

greenway crossing a roadway near the clubhouse

During some recent walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting observations ...

Richland Creek Greenway, Close to Finished!

In 2007, Nashville opened the Richland Creek Greenway. The path went most of the way around the McCabe Golf Course but it did not make a complete loop. To make a loop pathway, users had to add neighborhood streets and park roads to the unofficial route.

In 2010, the Greenway was extended. The addition eliminated having to use the streets outside of the park, however to make a loop, users still had to navigate through the congested parking area of the golf clubhouse.

2010 was also the year of the flood. The Greenway received significant damage, but was repaired relatively quickly.

Now, in 2014, the loop around the golf course is almost complete.

On Saturday, I ran to the Greenway to check on the path. I knew the Greenway was close to being completed from my last visit, and so I was hoping for a special Trails Day gift. Well, the construction was not completed, but it was passable and open. Unlike so many construction projects, the barriers blocking the unfinished path had been removed to allow passage. I spoke to three walkers/runners who did not know the path was passable. On seeing me using the gravel path, they asked about it.

So for an update - short sections of the path still need surfacing, signage, and probably landscaping, but all and all, it is finished.

Richland Creek Greenway is a great path and is even better now that it forms a loop and avoids using shared roadways.

We will update the photos on the cloudhiking pages soon.

old neighbors on the street


On Saturday morning I was in the backyard doing chores. It was getting close to noon and I walked out to the curb to check on the mail. A car was stopped in front of the house next door. They honked at me and a young girl waved out the window ...

I looked but couldn't quite figure out who it was. Then, the mom and four children piled out of the car. It was our neighbors who used to live a few houses up the street.

Over a couple years we were able to be around the active family. We soon became acquainted with the children and then the parents. The children played outside regularly. We watched as they rode scooters, bicycles, and anything else that had wheels from their house to our driveway and back. Happily, we looked forward to almost daily visits from our young neighbors.

Last summer, the family moved away, while we were out west.

Saturday, they stopped to say hello. Their first question was - where were Amy and Jake? I told them Amy was in NYC and poor Jake had died. We stood on the sidewalk, a group with sad eyes. Then I proclaimed that we were looking for a new puppy. The gloomy mood quickly changed to happy updates of the family's new home and what each child was doing.

I took photos and sent one to Amy. She was pretty jealous. It was a great visit.

Goat eating leaves off a downed limb.

Road Home

Leaving the Greenway I started the run back home. Not far up the road a friend yelled at me from his car. When traffic cleared, he
u-turned to my side of the street. He was so excited because the new Climb Nashville Gym was almost complete. Check out the Climb Nashville site and Facebook page for more information. The Gym looks amazing.

Continuing home, I was running along a busy neighborhood street when I heard the sounds of bleating goats. Well that was not exactly normal so I stopped to check it out. A tree limb had fallen near the street. Two goats were staked out amidst the limbs. The goats were busy eating anything green. I am not sure if the goats lived at the house or they were perhaps rented. I will check again on my next run in that neighborhood.

Bunny Report

In May we reported having bunnies in the backyard. Well, the mama bunny is still well and has made the backyard her home. Her babies now live close by and can be seen hopping around the wood pile.


Happy June Trails


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