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930 On The Streets
May - '14

momma rabbit in the backyard

During some recent walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting observations ...

Backyard Bunnies

We always start the On The Streets with the same opening phrase. Unfortunately, it has been slightly altered ... our good dog Jake died a couple of weeks ago, so we have omitted dog walks from our recent adventures.

With Jake being gone, our yard dynamics have changed. When Jake was well, he ruled the backyard. No creature dared set foot in the yard without Jake commenting on their presence. Of course he could never catch them, but he acted tough and the rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks stayed away from big Jake. Now, with Jake gone, the critters have returned to the yard.

Yesterday, while Amy and I were outside tending chores, I walked to the backyard to fetch a ladder. To my surprise there was a rabbit sitting in the yard. She was cautiously watching me, but did not move. The rabbit's behavior was odd to me so I called for Amy to see. Amy immediately saw baby bunnies nursing on mom! Momma rabbit was sitting over a small rabbit hole and her bunnies were sitting in a protected position. We watched for a few seconds and then Amy got a quick photo (and we hope to have another chance to get a better photo) of the bunnies. Sorry, the bunnies are not really visible.

We used to love to watch, as Jake ruled his backyard, but we now also like to watch all of our new critter friends. We are glad they are visiting our yard, but we miss our pup.

lopsided trees along the powerlines

Tree Whacking

The tree trimmers have made their way down our street. They trim the trees so that limbs will not fall on the utility lines. I guess that is a necessary evil, but does it have to be so evil ... Some of the poor trees have just been butchered. It sure does seem as if the trees could be shaped, instead of whacked it would be better for the tree and more aesthetically pleasing to all.

poison ivy clinging to a trailside tree

Poison Ivy and Trail Runners

On recent walks and runs in the Park (Percy Warner Park) we have been amazed by the ever spreading poison ivy and the number of runners on the trails. The poison ivy seems to have taken over as the predominant ground cover on both sides of the trail and the trail runners are always calling out, on your left. I guess overall the runners are better than poison ivy. If you are walking (or running slowly) you only have to watch out for runners on your left whereas you have to watch out for the poison ivy everywhere!

looking down the grand steps

The Allée

Still at Warner Parks, a set of grand terraced steps climb from the end of Belle Meade Boulevard up a hill to an overlook and to the access of the white trail (Warner Woods Trail). The corridor is called the Allée.

Well a few years back they repaired all of the stone work on the Allée. The steps and walls seem to have weathered well, but the terraced sections between the steps had become eroded. To fix the drainage problems the terraces were tiled with pavers and cambered to move the water from the steps. The pavers still look like freshly poured concrete, but with time hopefully they will fade to a more natural look. It is definitely a hardened surface!

Happy May trails


Remember, there are a lot of folks exercising, recreating, and playing outside, please drive carefully.


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