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917 On The Streets
Spring - '14

After a longer than normal (as compared to the last few years) winter, springtime has come quickly to Nashville this week. It was cool and now it's warm. With the sudden change in temperatures we are seeing all things that are spring. The trees are budding, the birds are nesting, and lots of folks are outside.

A nest under an eave - I didn't get a great look, but maybe a wren

During some recent walks, dog walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting observations ...

Guard-less - Crosswalk

There used to be a school crossing guard stationed to allow safe passage across a busy street that I pass almost daily. I knew that the intersection had been improved with signs and a marked crossing, but still thought a guard was on duty. I must have been passing at the wrong times not to have seen the guard.

Curious about the missing guard, I asked a neighbor as she and her son were walking to school, "So is there a crossing guard on Blair any longer?"

"No, but they improved the intersection."

"Well, do cars stop for you when you are at the intersection?"

"Some of them do."

How sad.

Right of Way

About a month ago, I was on my bicycle going to the local hardware store. I was stopped at a busy intersection. Looking to my left, a college age runner approached the intersection and began crossing the street in the marked crosswalk with a favorable crossing light. A SUV traveling in the opposite direction, turned into the runner. The runner did everything possible to attract the drivers attention and then barely avoided the unyielding vehicle. To beat it all, the driver was shaking his fist at her as he passed. I assume he thought she was crossing illegally (that he had the right of way) or she was his archenemy.

Yes, we need female super heroes!

Child Care

At the grocery store (earlier this week), as I was leaving I noticed a young toddler sitting on the roof of a car. The toddler was laughing and having a great time but his unusual position (on the roof) immediately caught my attention. I rode closer to the vehicle. The car in front of me had also seen the infant and was trying to see if anyone else was in the car. I was able to ride next to the parked car and I looked inside, the child was alone. He seemed to have climbed out the sun roof. The driver of the car in front of me stopped and asked about the child. She then commented sarcastically, "well, I guess that is one way to take care of a baby." That driver was getting ready to park, when I saw the child's guardians were hurrying back to the car. The child, in the meantime, was busy crawling back down the hatch.

Children can and do some amazing things, I am just glad this mischievous one was not injured.

Tile Roof

There is a house in the neighborhood that has a moss covered tile roof. I was out on my run when I saw a couple of guys were removing some of the tile shingles that were stored on the roof. I decided to stop and ask about the house. "Are they going to fix the roof?"

"Yes, or maybe I guess. The roof was damaged in the hail storm, last year, and they are trying to get a new roof. It leaks everywhere, but the roof is a hundred years old."

Wow, a 100 year old roof, if only those tile shingles could talk!


Happy spring trails


Remember, there are a lot of folks exercising, recreating, and playing outside, please drive carefully.


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