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794 On the Streets

trees along the sidewalk

During some recent walks, dog walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting observations ...

Holding My Breath

Spring is in full bloom in the south. The warm days have brought the beautiful budding trees to life. As pretty as they might seem, walking and running among the blossoms may be difficult. Well, at least it maybe difficult breathing.

As I run the streets, if I see upcoming Bradford Pear trees, I time my breathing so that I do not have to inhale while passing them. Sometimes, a row of the decorative trees, line the sidewalks and I have to stop breathing for longer than expected. As my lungs beg for air, I try to hold back the gasps until finally clear of the fetid blossoms. I don't guess the flowering trees are dangerous, but the smell is at least very unpleasant. I can only imagine the effects the blooms have on my allergies as I pick up my pace to quickly pass the offending trees.

In all my runs, I have yet to pass out from holding my breath. But, if you see someone staggering down the sidewalks, don't be too quick to pass judgement - they might not be intoxicated. Instead, if it's springtime, they are probably just holding their breath - until they pass some offending blooms!

Everybody Say Ice Cream

There is a Ben and Jerrys near our house. Yesterday, was a wonderful spring day and as I ran past the store, there was a huge waiting line cued in front of the store. As I neared the store, I could see that most of the patient patrons were middle or high school age students.

It was free ice cream cone day at Ben and Jerrys and a private urban school seemed to be in full support of the store's promotion. Ice cream is good anytime, but even better when it's free. Of course standing in line for an hour definitely has it's costs, but never to a middle schooler.

Why Don't You Drive?

A few doors up the street, our neighbors have four children. We have established a good relationship with the parents and they allow the kids to visit or entertain us as we sit outside.

The other day, while riding to the store, one of the little ones saw me passing his house and I stopped to talk to him. He asked where I was going on my bike. I told him the grocery store. Puzzled, he asked why didn't I drive? I told him that I enjoyed riding my bike, it was good exercise, and it avoided polluting the air.

His sister joined in and commented that it was cheaper to ride than drive, because you did not have to pay for gas.

We talked for a few more minutes before I left. Their family does a lot of things outdoors, but packing four children to the store on bicycles is not one of them. It would be a difficult outing at best. I think the boy thought I was going to do something fun and not just going on an errand to the store. As he was still trying to process the idea of riding to the store I continued on my journey. I am sure that one day he will also see the joy in just riding to the store.


Sometimes as we are driving around we see funny signs. This one was an official warning sign for an upcoming hill.

Warning sign of upcoming hill

Now, that's a steep hill! Oh, the sign is actually a downhill warning sign (I believe) mounted clockwise, 90 degrees. Ha!

Happy Spring On the Streets trails


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