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636 On the Streets 2012-05-04

pedestrian crossing sign

During some recent walks, dog walks, or runs here are a few interesting observations ...

Street Crossing

When crossing an intersection we had a stop sign for our direction but not the other way. Jake stopped to mark the utility pole and we them checked for traffic and started across the neighborhood street.

Jake is getting to show his age (or I am, mine) and we do not walk as fast as we used to walk. Suddenly a car topped a hill on the intersecting street to the right, he sped toward us. Instead of slowing down, the driver honked the horn!

When we had started across the street the car was not in sight. This was partly due to a hill which made a blind spot on the road. The car was probably only going the speed limit, but it was still too fast. Sometimes you just have to slow down even if it means going less than the speed limit.


Recently I had to drive a vehicle on an errand that would have been hard for me to do on my bike (Well, I don't know, I was taking a horse saddle to a relative - it might have worked, but would have definitely looked funny on the bike!).

On a major street near Vanderbilt a pedestrian was trying to cross the street in a signed crosswalk. I stopped but to my amazement, the cars in the other lane and the cars coming in the opposite direction (four lanes) did not even slow down.

Finally a gap in the traffic flow allowed the walker to start across the street and then a driver yielded to avoid hitting the walker. Wow.

Traffic Ticket

Running down a major through fare I saw a police car had stopped a motor vehicle. The officer was standing at the driver's window issuing her a ticket as I neared.

The driver was explaining that she was a volunteer driving for a non-profit as she pleaded with the officer.

The officer said, "I am sure, they would like for you to drive the speed limit."

I have noticed many drivers seeming as if they are traveling very fast down that avenue. Perhaps they are all non-profit volunteer drivers ...

Phone One

Amy and I were sitting out on the front porch one afternoon not long ago. A young woman was passing by pushing a stroller, walking her dog, and talking on the phone. As we watched she miss steered the stroller and soon two wheels were off the sidewalk and the carriage was teetering. The lawn to the side of the sidewalk sloped downward.

The woman struggled to recover the stroller. Thank goodness the woman was able to get all of the wheels back on the sidewalk without losing control of the stroller. It is also comforting to know that she was able to multi-task during the whole event. She never quit talking or let go of the leash.

Phone Two

As I ran across a bridge over an interstate highway, the off ramp that I was approaching had a traffic light. The traffic exiting the interstate may only turn right, and only on a green light. In other words, there were 'no right turn on red' signs posted overhead for all lanes.

Traffic was backed up on the ramp at the light. As I neared the intersection one of the first cars at the light - turned right. Soon three cars behind the lead car also did not obey the 'no turn on red' signs.

The three cars behind the lead car did not even slow down at the red light, they just followed the first car's lead. Interesting enough, all four drivers were talking on their phones.

Slow down, pay attention, and be safe.

Happy on the street trails


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