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parking in the fire lane

the fire lane is on the left, the parking spaces on the right ...

During some recent walks, dog walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting observations ...

Parking in Fire Lanes

Parking has always been a problem for the teachers attending the Martin Professional Training Center (next to Aiken School). There are not enough parking on property for the events held at the training facility. However, that does not excuse the teachers fearless habit of parking in the fire lanes around the building. The crazy thing is the teachers block the fire lanes and then go into the building knowing that the access to the building in the event of an emergency has been compromised.

The photo was taken, yesterday (09/06/12). Yes, the building was built with insufficient parking, but blocking the fire lanes has been a regular occurrence whether all of the parking spaces are full or not.

Almost every public building has fire lanes. We must respect the signage and markings for the sake of others safety if not for your own. For most of us, it really would not hurt us to walk a little bit from our vehicles to where ever we are going anyway. :-)

Parking in the Mom's Space

On a visit to my local grocery, I recently saw two vehicles pull into the parking area. One parked conveniently close to the door and the other parked in a special parking space designated for "Expectant Mothers". A young man (without a child) stepped out of the SUV parked in the Mother's slot and was immediately teased by his friends from the other vehicle.

The would-be-mom said, "well, what are they going to do give me a ticket?"

Overhearing the conversation, I responded to him, "it's not about getting a ticket, it is about being a good person, a good citizen. You don't park in the special spaces so that the spaces will be available for the folks that need them."

I waited for a response, but there was none, other than a few mumbling comments under their breath.

Oh, when I was recounting this story to my quick witted friend, Laura, she remarked, "you should have said - no, they won't give you a ticket, they give you a baby!" Ha!

Parking at Vandy

So recently instead of hiking I have been going to Vanderbilt's Medical Center, regularly. I don't think it is a major problem, but it has required a lot of attention. We live a couple of miles from my doctor's office, so I have been riding my bike for every visit, instead of driving. The main reason I ride is because I enjoy riding, but I also ride to avoid the Vandy traffic and parking problems. There are cars everywhere and going in every direction.

At the entrance of the parking garage below my doctor's office, there is a bicycle rack for parking. But, every time I have been to the doctor, the rack has been full. To park, I have had good luck just squeezing my bike in along the others and securing it to whatever.

Well, on Tuesday, the rack was full as normal and a rider had locked his bike to a handrail along the sidewalk. This is a normal practice for riders, but at a hospital, the rules are probably different. There are visitors and patients who might need the full course of the walkway.

As I walked by the bike (attached to the handrail along the sidewalk) I saw there was a parking ticket attached to the crossbar (the tube that goes from the handlebars to the seat)! I am sure that the ticket was only a warning, because there was no way to identify the owner of the bike, but it was still a ticket.

Yes, the rider should not have blocked the sidewalk and deserved being warned. He probably did not think it was a problem. However, there was no signage and the ultimate problem was ... there was not enough bicycle parking.

Vanderbilt (and others) should continue to encourage riding by adding bike lanes and even more bike parking. More riders might mean less traffic, congestion, and promote an active lifestyle.

I just wish I had my camera.


Happy 'parking on the street' trails


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