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936 Packing 2014-06-16

Gear ready to take to the mountains

Over the last couple of weeks we have been planning and packing for our summer trip to Colorado (and a few other mountainous states.) Our departure date is now fast approaching and we are scurrying around completing the last minute chores. The trip will last about six weeks.

To aid us in packing, we use lists as guides. The lists have been fine tuned through the years. At the end of each trip we go over the lists and see what we needed and what we did not need and then, modify the list. The only problem is that too many 'just in case' items make it on the trip even though they are not on the list. We are trying to do better this year.

A few notes ...

We pack for the weather. We expect a wide range of temperatures and conditions. On a single day we could need protection from heat, the sun, rain, hail, sleet, and snow.

Last summer felt very hot in the mountains. We expect the same this year.

For the first time in ten years, we do not have to sneak gear out to the car to keep the dog from getting too excited. Jake always sensed when we were going on a trip and would naturally, think that he was going too - whether he was or not.

Speaking of Jake, we have delayed our trip this year, so that we could visit kennels. We hope to secure a choosing position for an upcoming litter, soon.

There is a lot of snow in Colorado. We packed boots for the snow.

Bears are becoming more of a problem in Colorado. We pack all odorous items (including food) in odor proof bags. By removing the odor, we hope the bears will not even sniff around.

Through the year, we have picked up several new pieces of gear, including a MSR Hubba Hubba tent and an Equinox Anorak. We had to change the list to include the new items.

So here's to great summer trips ... We hope the gear and clothing we packed will enhance our trip.

Happy Packing trails


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