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345 Peeler Park Greenway 2011-02-11

Raised walkway at Peeler Park

Last Sunday, we went with friends to visit Peeler Park Greenway in Nashville. Peeler Park is located in Neeley's Bend of the Cumberland River and across from the confluence with Stones River. The boat ramp at Peeler Park is visible from the Stones River Greenway. These simple facts were about all we knew about the Greenway before our visit.

The directions were simple, from Gallatin Road in Madison (still in Metro Nashville) take Neeley's Bend Road for six miles to the end. Peeler Park is on the left.

Peeler Park has a Remote Control Airfield, several Horse Trails, a Boat Ramp, and the Greenway. We only visited the Greenway portion of the Park.

The Trailhead was similar to the ones along the Stones River and Shelby Bottoms Greenways, it was aesthetically pleasing and informative. The paved path left the trailhead and headed along the Cumberland River.

The Greenway path was in a lollipop configuration. The first section of the path, from the Trailhead to the Loop, was one mile, the Loop was one mile, and the last section (a repeat of the first leg), from the Loop to the Trailhead, was naturally, one mile. The main attractions were the two Cumberland River Overlooks and the newly constructed raised walkway. We did not see many birds; but trees and brush along the bank looked like prime habitat during the warmer months.

A few trail notes ...

  • The total distance of the paved path was about three miles. It was rated as easy. I do not recall any inclines.
  • The Trailhead had ample parking; but the lot was shared with the boat launch.
  • Broken glass in the parking area was tell-tale sign of a break-in. Take your valuables with you.
  • There was no water or facilities at the trailhead.
  • There was no litter in the area.
  • The Park seemed to have more horse trails than hiking trails. Hikers are not allowed on the horse trails.
  • There were several benches along the path.
  • The two overlooks were worth the effort of the short, side excursions.
  • The planes from the airfield were noisy. Some in our group didn't like the noise; but the others didn't care.
  • The "PP" signs do not refer to facilities.
  • Most of the path was not shaded, the Greenway would probably be hot in the summer.
  • The area was secluded.
  • We saw about ten people using the Greenway. One was riding a bike, a couple were running, and the rest of the users were walking. It was a perfect day weather wise.
  • Jake, the dog, enjoyed the area. There were two other dogs that we saw, all the dogs were on leashes.

Peeler Park is worth the visit if you live near the area. The Greenway is very accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, children on bicycles, etc. It is also a very easy stroll and would be an easy run.

Bring some good friends along and you will enjoy the path.

Happy Peeler Park trails



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