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715 Reel Rock 7

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A few weeks ago, a friend called and asked - did we know about the Reel Rock Tour at the Belcourt Theatre in a few weeks. No, but I was willing to learn.

We made plans to attend and our friend ordered four tickets, two for us. We were ready.

For years the Banff Film Festival had come to Nashville. The outdoor film viewing was an annual event for us. Together with a few friends we would spend the evening being dazzled in the company of other outdoor enthusiast. When the outdoor chain who sponsored the film closed it's Nashville store, the Festival Tour ended.

Hearing the Reel Rock Tour was coming to town, we were excited. It was not the Banff Tour, but the films should still be good - at least worthy of an evening of our time.

Then, while talking to another friend, I invited him to the viewing. He would have to travel some distance, but said he would like to come and bring his daughter. He then asked if he needed to reserve tickets and I replied - of course not, there would be tickets at the door.

Before the day of the event, my wife decided she had too much work and probably shouldn't attend the show. Fine. We would give our ticket to our friend coming to town.

As we assembled at our house there were a total of five of us going to the show. Our friends were planning on driving to the theater. I decided it might be crowded for five, I would ride my bike instead. I would then be able to arrive at the theater a bit early and buy the extra ticket (we had four tickets and needed five.)

It was a fun ride and soon I was securing my bike to a rail. I walked to the ticket booth, stood in the short line and then when prompted, I asked for one ticket. 'Sorry, sir, the show is sold out.'

Wow, that surprised me. I stepped away and started thinking of the options.

I called my friends who had not yet left for the theater. I told them the news, the show was sold out. By then, I was resolved to the fact that I was not going to the viewing. If the show was sold out, it would be very crowded and that did not sound fun to me. Others offered to not go instead, but I was happy with my decision.

As I got ready to ride home, my phone received a text. Another friend asked me if the show was sold out. How did he know I just found out the show was sold out? Puzzled, I started to ride away, when I looked down the street, two folks were waving at me. It was the friend who was texting me. They were seated in the outside dining area of a restaurant. I joined them and we had an enjoyable conversation as we watched the long line form for the showing. My friend had extra tickets and offered me one. I thought for a minute, looked at the long and getting longer line, and decided to just pass. I had already had enough fun for one evening!

All of my friends liked the tour. One said - most thrill seeking films are just a camera strapped to a helmet and that's about all, but these were well made and actually had a story line.

Another friend commented on how the films inspired him. The films said - you can do anything if you try hard enough.

Wow, the comments were more than I expected. We will have to buy the DVD and be content with a home viewing.

We were glad that the tour made a successful stop in Nashville. If it comes to a venue near you, buy your tickets early. We learned our lesson and will reserve ours next year!

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