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929 Richland Creek Greenway
New Map!

Bridge over Richland Creek on the greenway

Richland Creek Greenway was one of the first maps we drew on cloudhiking.com. In the Fall of 2009, we decided to start making maps and guides to area trails. Richland Creek Greenway was close to our home and so it was a logical choice for one of our first maps and guides.

The main Richland Creek Greenway path makes a loop around the McCabe Golf Course with three spur trails which connect to the loop. The pathway that was chosen was scenic, historic, and it truly connected neighborhoods and businesses. However the loop had one flaw: It was really just an 'almost' loop. The path started at the McCabe Trailhead, went to Cherokee Trailhead, Dutchman's Curve, Lions Head Spur Trail junction, Nashville State Community College Spur Trail Junction, Wyoming Trailhead, and then circled around until, in the vicinity of the new Community Center, it disappeared. The gap between the Community Center and McCabe Trailhead was the area around the McCabe Golf Course's Clubhouse. Ok, the area was not exactly a thoroughfare, but it served as the access roads and parking for the clubhouse. Navigating through the area was a bit confusing; you wanted to pass through the area, but you did not want to interfere with any of the golfers nor did you want to be in their way when they were backing from a parking space. It was generally accepted that the greenway users would pass through the area, but there were never any signs or markers indicating a preferred path, nor were there cautionary signs for the vehicle drivers of the heavy greenway use. It was every man, woman, and child for themselves.

Well, that problem is about to disappear.

Path under construction

A new section of path, connects the Community Center with the McCabe Trailhead. The path goes around the practice greens, then cuts across the parking lot access, and around the driving range tees to connect with the Greenway in the Community Center parking area.

What a great addition to the pathway. Now, it is a loop (or the project will be completed soon) and time for an updated map.

Now for a few notes on the new map ...

The new map includes the topo lines.

The new complete Loop should be about 2.75 miles. The new path actually makes a shortcut, and therefore shortens the Loop by .05 mile.

Also added to the map were the spur trails to Nashville State Community College and Knob Road.

We eliminated the mileages along the Loop, but added 0.10 mile tic marks. The Loop mileages are listed in the map legend. The marks are oriented to start and finish at McCabe Trailhead and go clockwise around the golf course. Of course you can actually start and finish wherever you want.

The Music City Bikeway is indicated on the map. The Bikeway on 46th Ave N, Wyoming, and Post Rd uses bike lanes or shared access lanes.

The total mileage if you did the Loop and the three major spur connectors (White Bridge - Hill Center, Lions Head, and Nashville State Community College) - which would be out and back on each one - for a total of 5.25 miles.

A geo-pdf map is also available. The map may be read with a geo-pdf reader app, such as Avenza's PDF Maps (free).

The Richland Creek Greenway is an excellent pathway. It helps Nashville get moving Outdoors.

Happy Richland Creek Greenway trails

link to the Richland Creek Greenway Map

link to the Richland Creek Greenway Guide

link to Metro Nashville Parks


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