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778 Richland Creek Walk 2013-03-04

Richland Creek Greenway Bridge

We don't mind the cold of winter, but we hate those continuous days of cloudy, dreariness. So after a week of gloom, the sun finally shone brightly on Sunday in Nashville. We took ol' Jake and spent a short time in the morning walking the path at Richland Creek Greenway. With the temps in the low 40's and not a cloud in the sky, it was a perfect day for a longer walk with an aging dog.

As our dog, Jake, ages we are committed to finding hikes and walks that we can still do together. We enjoy having him with us, but Jake has arthritis in his feet. After an active exercise period he will limp for most of the next day. Of course, he still tries to run and play with all he has. You throw a ball and he will chase it, all day long no matter how sore he is. He can't control his primal urges, so we have to curb them for him, but still let him be a dog. The Richland Creek Greenway was a perfect walk for him.

As we prepared to leave the house he howled and hopped excitedly. Jake knew we were going someplace special or to a 'place.' A 'place' to Jake is somewhere special to play. Once at the trailhead, he ran and pulled like a pup. It is no wonder why we like to take him with us. Of course we were not the only walkers with a dog taking advantage of the perfect day. There were no less than 10 other dogs we met while walking and scads of other walkers, runners, and bicyclist.

Looking up Richland Creek at Saint Thomas Hospital

Looking Upstream at a Greenway Bridge and St Thomas Hospital

After our brief 2.75 miles we returned home and back to work. We have been quite busy drawing and updating the new Cumberland Mountain State Park Map. The first draft should be finished soon. Our afternoon was interrupted by trips to the backyard to enjoy the sun. We kept thinking of outdoor chores to let us spend more time outside playing with Jake in the sun.

A few Richland Creek notes ...

We still haven't updated the cloudhiking.com map and guide for the greenway. Maybe, soon ...

To do a continuous loop around McCabe Golf Course on the greenway, you have to navigate around the Clubhouse. The easiest directions are to just stay on the road through the parking areas. A few signs to direct the greenway users and to caution the motorists of the presence of greenway users would help. A separate path, sidewalk, or designated lane would be even better.

There were more walkers and runners on the trail than bicyclists.

The path was litter free and in good shape.

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

Sunday was a great day. We hope you enjoyed it too!

Happy dog trails


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