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234 Richland Creek, AF 2010-05-28

Golf Course Flood Damage

Golf Course damage, taken from the Greenway

It has been four weeks since the mighty rains tried to wash away much of Nashville. Not only did the flooding destroy businesses and homes, the rains also closed most of the area’s trails. The Metro Parks web site carried a "closed" statement for sometime, but the statement finally disappeared.

I left on a run from our house to check out Richland Creek Greenway, after the flood or AF. When I arrived at the McCabe Trailhead Kiosk, there were no signs indicating closure. I continued smiling. At the Cherokee Road kiosk, there were no signs. Wow, it was really open!

Continuing on the greenway as it paralleled the railroad track, I met four people - two walkers, a power scooter, and a bicyclist, all were enjoying the path.

bump on the path

Bump on path nearing Dutchman Curve

Nearing Dutchman Curve, a safety sign was positioned on the path. A section of the pavement had buckled leaving a new bump.

At the fork in the path it was obvious that the major bridge which spanned Richland Creek and connected to the White Bridge road path section was still intact. Hallelujah!

closed sign

Trail Closed

The other path at the junction did not fair so well. The main Richland Creek Path was closed. The posted sign said the "bridge was out". Sneaking beyond the barrier, I took a few pictures of the bridge and adjacent golf course. The first thirty foot section of the long, raised boardwalk was missing.

bridge missing

Missing Span

Returning to the junction I ran to White Bridge Road then down to the Lion's Head Trailhead. (Neither kiosk offered path conditions.) From the trailhead I ran on the spur trail which reconnected with the Main Richland Creek Path.

minor pavement damage

Minor Pavement Damage

The other bridge, which crossed back over the creek, was also in good condition. Heading to the Wyoming Trailhead there were two sections of the path which saw damage. One section had minor damage, but in the curve around the North Nine Course’s, 15th Green, the path disappeared! Also the protection fence saw a lot of damage, more than the path.

more pavement damage

Path around the 15th Green, all the pavement and fence are gone

It was great to run the path again. There was considerable damage to the area, but the City was allowing the path to be used. Thanks.

A few trail notes...

  • None of the trailhead kiosks had flood information posted.
  • I saw a total of ten people using the path.
  • The golf course received much more damage than the greenway.
  • None of the greenway bridges were damaged, the damaged section was a raised boardwalk.
  • I believe if a launching ramp was erected at the end of the upper boardwalk section, it would be possible to Evel Knievel it across the gap! Ha!
  • A lot of work had been done on the path clearing mud. Thanks.
  • The devastation to the greenway in no way compares to the many people who lost their businesses, homes, and belongings.
  • Losing a path, is much like losing a dear friend. It is good to have our friend, the Richland Creek Greenway, at least partially reopened.
  • Please be careful on the path, especially if riding a bike. Go even slower than the posted speed limit. The pavement is not uniform.
  • The new section of the path off Nebraska Ave was looking good.

new section of the path

A new section of the path next to Nebraska Ave

Happy AF (after flood) paths and trails.


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