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543 Richland Creek 2011-12-22

Dutchman Curve at richland Creek Greenway

Yesterday, we visited the Richland Creek Greenway in Nashville. We have family visiting and everyone wanted to get out of the house.

The greenway was in great shape. The area had been hard hit by the May 2010 Flood. We tried to explain to our visiting family, the extent of the water damage. "The water was this high." "The water reached to here." "See the water line on the fence." "This raised walkway was washed out." Unbelievable, but it was hard for a non-witness to comprehend. The power and destruction of the flood was immense. It was a thousand year flood. A flood of Biblical proportions - right here in Nashville.

Now, the greenway looks as if nothing ever happened. Unless someone pointed out the lingering evidence of the high water, it probably would go unnoticed by the casual observer but the images of the destruction will always live with those who witnessed the fury of little Richland Creek.

A few pathway tips ...

The greenway was busy. It was great seeing everyone using the path.

The new addition to the greenway (the north section along Colorado, Wyoming, and 51st) has been linked to the sidewalks near the McCabe Community Center.

The path is confusing around the McCabe Park Golf Clubhouse. It is not like you would get lost; but we were on the driving range looking for a link (to the trail).

There is a new solar recycling receptacle at Dutchman Curve. The Big Belly uses solar power to compact the trash and recyclables. This is a very nice addition to the greenway.

For a Christmas treat, take the family and go for an adventure on one of the greenways on trails. Walking, hiking, biking, and running are great ways to relax and enjoy the season.

Big Belly Solar Recycling

Solar Big Belly

Happy mighty Richland Creek trails


Richland Creek - cloudhiking


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