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148 Shelby Bottoms Greenway, Nashville 2009-11-09

Path under railroad trestle at shelby bottoms

Sunday I biked to Shelby Park in Nashville and then rode the greenway path to Two Rivers Park. It was a perfect fall day and lots of folks were out enjoying the sun, fun, and exercise.

My ride to Shelby Park was a pleasant seven miles. The route mostly follows a designated bike route, which included bike lanes and signs to help make the route safer.

Once at the Park I noticed he parking lot was jammed. It was a good thing that I decided to ride there instead of drive. There was not room for another car, though over flow parking was not far away.

The paved path is a multi-use trail. There were plenty of walkers, strollers, runners, skaters, and bikers, with a few skate boards and scooters thrown in for fun. There were dogs, toddlers, first time riders, striders, sprinters, cruisers, and speed racers all sharing the same path. Everyone seemed happy, it was a great day.

A few trail notes:

  • The trail has a speed limit of 15mph. Evidently there has been some issues with fast moving bikes on the greenway. The path is congested. There were times when I could not even go 15 mph. Whether there is a speed limit or not, bikes should slow down and yield to pedestrians and everyone yields to children! If you feel the need for speed, you probably need to ride the road instead of the greenway.
  • It was fun to see the different ways people used the path.
  • The path runs adjacent to the Cumberland River.
  • The bridge crossing the river is great. Back when I worked on the river, a few of the men who worked with me complained about the bridge and how it was a waste of money. They felt no one would use it. Sunday, proved them so wrong. The bridge was the destination for lots of users of the path. Others parked close to the bridge (Two Rivers Park) and just walked down to see the bridge and river. It was the missing link in the East Nashville and Donelson connection (well and Hermitage, if you keep going on the greenway).
  • The Nature Center is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Restrooms and water were available at Shelby Park (the trailhead for Shelby Bottoms) and at Two Rivers Park.
  • There were other trailheads and access points in the East Nashville area. Trailheads (with parking): Forest Green Drive. Access Points (no parking): Cooper Creek TH (at Moss Rose Dr), Shadow Lane TH, and Fortland Drive TH.
  • All of the paths were named after trees, such as Maple Trail, Sweetgum Trail, etc. I guess you have to call them something.
  • There were mowed trails in the area which are closed to bicycles. I did not walk any of them.
  • None of the maps have been updated since the bridge was completed.
  • My ride in the Park was for about 12 miles, which included riding to each trailhead and crossing the river to Two Rivers Park.
  • My total distance I rode that day was just over 26 miles and it took me almost three hours. Most competing marathoners could have run the course faster than I biked it! Well, I had to stop and take pictures. Yeah, pictures, that’s my excuse.

It was a good day.

Happy greenways!


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