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643 Stones River Greenway 2012-05-15

Cannonsburg Village Trailhead

Saturday, I went to Murfreesboro to have a vehicle serviced. Instead of waiting on the service to be completed, I planned to ride the Stones River Greenway. A couple of years ago, I rode the greenway and had recently been looking for an excuse to return.

To access the greenway at Cannonsburg Village, I had to ride on Church Street for about a half mile. The road was very busy, even on a Saturday morning. No one was walking on the sidewalks, so I decided they were the safest passage. I was riding my Schwinn Panther, a sleek, single speed, cruiser, so the rough sidewalks were not an issue.

Obeying my Goggle Maps directions, I left Church Street and weaved through an industrial area, to arrive at Cannonsburg Trailhead. It probably was not the best route, but on Saturday, the businesses were mostly closed. Historic Cannonsburg Village is a collection of buildings representing life in Murfreesboro from the 1830's to the 1930's.

Following Lytle Creek, the greenway seemed like a hidden passage. There was urban development all around the path but the path still offered a sense of nature as it followed the peaceful creek.

Old Fort Trailhead kiosk

At the Old Fort Junction I turned and went to the trailhead. The first time I rode the greenway, I went to the Old Fort Trailhead. I thought that the greenway continued, but the kiosk map did not indicate the route and it was not well blazed. Saturday, a bicyclist passed as I was looking at the kiosk - I followed his path. Sure enough the path did continue through the large Old Fort Area and beyond. The southern section on the path followed Stones River, crossed under the Interstate and then crossed the river and continued to Barfield Road.

Barfield Road

The GPS mileage was 4.35 miles - one way.

Returning to Old Fort, I continued my ride on the northern section of the path to the Thompson Lane Trailhead. On my previous visit, I had started my ride at this trailhead.

Thompson Lane Trailhead

The GPS mileage was 3.20 miles from the Old Fort Junction.

The Stones River Greenway is one of the best that I have ridden in the state. If you have never walked, ran, or biked the greenway, it is worth the visit.

A few Stones River Greenway notes ...

The Murfreesboro Parks Department does a great job maintaining the greenway. All the facilities were clean and well-kept.

The kiosk maps were not up to date. A better map is available online. The map includes the amenities at each trailhead.

Many of the trailheads had water and restrooms.

There were several canoe launching points along the Stones River.

Historic plaques and benches were spaced along the path.

Quite a few dogs were being walked on the path. All of the dogs were on leashes. There was also a dog park located just off the greenway.

Old Fort Park is huge. I was really surprised.

At Barfield Road the greenway ends. The path continues and I am assuming mountain bikes ride the dirt trail further.

My total mileage including along Church Street was 20.5 miles. I did not take the Gateway Trail to the Battlefield on this trip.

Plan a visit to the Greenway. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Stones River trails


My beloved Panther

First trip to the Greenway (2010)


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