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601 Top Ten
Springtime in Nashville

dogwood and redbud blossums

Spring of '10

It is springtime in Nashville and everyone seems to be enjoying being outside in the great weather. So we compiled a Top Ten Things You Might Need for Springtime in Nashville.

10 - Garage - on last nights news it was reported that neighboring Hickman County had golf ball sized hail for two days in a row. Last week with the big storm - our vehicles and house were pummeled with hail. A garage with a flexible roof seems to be the best option as we pass through this active hail season.

9 - cloudhiking map and guide to the area trails and greenways. Take advantage of the free maps and guides and visit someplace new. yes, cloudhiking is our other site
: - )

8 - Camera - the redbud, pear, crabapple, and dogwood trees are blooming and are beautiful as usual.

7 - Claratin and Sudafed - thanks to those lovely trees (and grass) the allergy season is in full swing. Take Claratin to help avoid allergies and Sudafed to relieve the allergic reactions because you forgot to take the Claratin!

6 - New exercise gear - it's time to go to the store for the newest running shoes, walking shoes, shorts, tops, bikes, saddle softeners, walking sticks, strollers, etc - everyone wants to be outside enjoying the weather. The marathon is coming soon.

5 - Dog - everyone with a dog is walking them in Nashville. It is great fun and exercise, but remember the leash. We have a great walking dog and are willing to rent our dog, Jake, if need be.

4 - Patient drivers - with all the exercisers, dog walkers, and children playing in or near the streets, drivers need to be patient and slow down. When you get home, you can go outside and play, too.

3 - Special shopping reservations at the garden center - it's time to buy all of those lawn and garden products, but the crowds are overwhelming. What if the stores offered reserved shopping hours? We'd sign up.

2 - Directional signs - with small directional signs, similar to those used by crossing guards, volunteers could help ease the traffic on the congested trails. Everyone is out using the trails and at times the trails seem very busy. Be patient and courteous to others on the trails.

1 - Smile - it's the happy season

So much of the springtime activities are centered around being outside. We love our parks and playing in them. Remember to support our local, state, and national parks. You need the parks and the parks need you.

Happy springtime trails


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