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161 Traffic Biking 2009-12-09

Natchez Trace Hwy 96 bridge with bikes

We live in a very bike friendly neighborhood. In the years that we have lived here, I have not really had a bad car-bike experience while riding close to the house. However, when my riding takes me away from the streets and onto the boulevards, watch out.

Riding on a busy road a month or so ago, I was using a great shoulder as my lane. Cars zipped by as I stayed out of the traffic lanes and did not impede their flow. Just ahead the traffic had slowed to a halt. Continuing along the shoulder, I began to pass cars. In minutes I passed a mile or so of the stopped vehicles. A few of the stopped cars blew their horns at me, one car pulled over to block the shoulder, and yet another driver even shook their fist at me. I was still riding on the same shoulder that I had been riding on when they all passed me.

If the positions were reversed, then what would I do... If I was sitting in traffic and a bicycle passed me, I might turn green with envy, but I would not be mad at the rider. I would also wish that I was riding instead of stuck behind the wheel in traffic.

On a bicycle (or on foot) you are rarely stuck in traffic. Oh, you might have to wait on a light, but your options for making better time are limited only by the riders imagination. There are always alleys, side streets, and neighborhoods just blocks away. The rider knowing the matrix of street atlas, can quickly navigate to the path of least resistance. Meanwhile, in the car, the driver sits wasting their time and energy as they get mad at everyone else.

A recent Planet Green article, 22 Weird & Somewhat Useful Bicycle Facts for Staying Green on 2 Wheels stated:

"21. Bicycles use 2% as much energy as cars per passenger-kilometer, and cost less than 3% as much to purchase."

So motorists, buy a bicycle and ride. You don’t have to sit in you car adding to the traffic. Take action. Ride.

  • The bike is an affordable means of transportation.
  • Bicycling helps the rider improve their fitness level.
  • The bike uses 2% of the energy that a car would use.
  • The rider will have the opportunity to enjoy the commute.

See you on the streets.

Happy bike trails.


link - http://planetgreen.discovery.com/tech-transport/weird-bicycle-facts-green.html?campaign=daylife-article


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