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716 Walk 100 Miles
with the Mayor

Stones River Greenway

Stones River Greenway, a great walk

Earlier this month, we received an email from the Nashville Mayor - Karl Dean - about the new Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor fitness program. Last year, Jake (the dog) and I participated in the program. We used the Walk 100 Miles website to track our daily walking miles. We were getting close to the 100 Mile goal, when Amy and I left town for our summer vacation. Jake (the dog) was a little disappointed that he did not get to finish his 100 miles and get a t-shirt, but I made it up to him and gave him an extra dog treat instead!

One of the great features of the program is that you do not actually have to walk with the Mayor! All of the events sound like wonderful walks, but the program also gives the participants flexibility. Each participant is allowed to personalize their own walks. You can walk with the Mayor. You can make your own Walking Event and invite others to join you. Or you can just track your own walks. Jake and I entered our daily walks and our longer weekend adventures. It was a fun experience.

A few Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor notes (our notes, not the official ones) ...

Everyone agrees, walking greatly improves our health and fitness.

Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor is a great program. Use the program to help establish a routine.

Find a good time to walk each day or on certain days of the week.

Don't break the routine. Jake has a fenced backyard, but we still walk regularly - regardless of the weather. I've never met a storm that a good jacket could not neutralize. Don't let the weather change your routine. The folks at Cumberland Transit definitely have the needed apparel and gear.

The on-line registration for the Walks is easy. The daily logging of miles was hard for me to remember. We had almost the same mileage every day, so we entered it once a week instead.

If you walk in the dawn, dusk, or dark hours make sure you can be seen by vehicles. Never assume that the driver sees you. Always be ready to get out of their way.

Learn, respect, and follow the trail use regulations for the different parks in town. Some trails and greenways are closed from dusk to dawn.

If you like hiking or walking in groups, join a club like Nashville Hiking Meetup group. They have many hikes scheduled every week that are led by qualified leaders.

The Tennessee Trail Association also has regular walks. They have many Chapters throughout the state.

Remember to drink plenty of water while you are exercising.

Check with your doctor if you have any medical concerns before starting the program.

You don't have to live in Nashville to participate in the program.

www.cloudhiking.com has maps and guides to most of the trails and greenways in the Nashville area. The guides allow you to learn about the trails and greenways before you hike them.

We are working on a mileage list of the Nashville trails and greenways and will post it soon.

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