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360 Percy Warner Park Roadway - the Crossovers 2011-03-11

road ont the ridge

Yesterday, was a rainy, cold day in Nashville. To celebrate finishing a cloudhiking Adventure Guide for Rainbow Falls on Mount Le Conte, Jake and I went for a walk. We chose Warner Parks.

Last year we had walked most of the Roadway in the Park; but still had a few sections that we needed to travel and record (pictures and GPS).

Entering the Park at the Deep Well entrance, we drove over 3 Mile Hill and at the junction at the top of the hill, continued on the 11-2 route. The road goes down Gum Ridge to Scott Hollow. We parked at the Vaughn Gravel Road (service road, not for general use) which connects Hwy 100 to the Park Roadway. Walking on the Roadway (retracing the step we just drove down) we passed the 4 mile Roadway marker (the distance from the Belle Meade Entrance) and then the Scott Hollow Shelter. A one way road leaves the Main Roadway just before Scott Hollow Shelter and heads east. The road crosses over the Park from one side to the other.

Starting on the road, it was easy to see that the road was not used very often. Moss was encroaching on both sides of the road. Jake and I had the whole road to ourselves as we walked to the head of the hollow. The road takes a big curve to the right and begins to climb the hill to Talley Bluff. After passing the small cliffs, the road makes a sharp turn again and then follows the top of a ridge. A picnic table and pull off are located along the ridge.

The road dips and is crossed by the Mossy Ridge (red), and horse trails. Curving along the ridge, the Crossover Road joins the Main Park Roadway high on the ridge above Indian Springs Picnic Area on the east side of the Park. We turned right on the Main Roadway and walked against the one-way traffic flow.

Heading downhill, after a switchback, the Steeplechase begins to dominate the views. At the first road juction, just before the grandstands, another crossover road leads back across to the west side of the Park. The road climbs a small hill with a bench and good views to the east and then begins a long easy descent. Curving, the road travels through Reams Hollow and then rejoins the Main Park Roadway on the west side of the Park.

Turning right it was but a short distance to return to our vehicle. The total distance of the loop was exactly 3 miles. The Roadway was scenic, with easy to moderate grades, on seldom used sections of road, and was just a fun way to spend a few hours in the rain.


Crossover loop map


A few Roadway notes ....

I did not see a single vehicle on the crossover roads.

I only saw one runner; but she was on the Main Park Roadway.

All areas looked litter free.

There are no restrooms are water on these sections of the Roadway.

In the winter the views from the ridges are great.

This Loop makes an outstanding walk/run at a perfect 3 mile distance.

As we returned to our vehicle we saw someone in a big truck dumping trash bags into the creek near the Vaughns Gravel Road. It was pretty sad. I went to the Office to report the incident, they had already received a call.

Happy Crossover Road Loop trails.


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