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Scree - February 06, 2011

Weather Channel Logo

Weather Channel Jim

One of our favorite Weather Channel personalities is Jim Cantore. He puts life into weather. Going beyond giving a forecast, Cantore was one of the first weathermen that actually went "live" to the scene to experience the weather. Whether it was a hurricane, tornado, flooding, or snow; if Jim Cantore was there - that area was predicted to get the worst weather. He has always been very animated and the best at what he does.

Earlier this week, a video of Jim Cantore in a thunder-snow storm was listed on the Weather Channel site. It is great. "Reporting Live, it's Jim Cantore!"

Snowy Bowl

The Super Bowl is today. With an estimated 100,000 people expected to be at Cowboys Stadium today the Game Day preparations have had a major flaw.

The stadium is enclosed, perfect for a game in any weather. Activities were planned to bring fans to the Game early and stay all week. It was going to be a windfall for the Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, the area, and all of the vendors. Then the unexpected happened, it snowed.

It was not just a simple snow fall that melted the next day, instead the storm brought snow and freezing rain that coated the streets and walkways leaving the area's transportation crippled. Flights were cancelled bringing fans to town. The roads were deserted. The Stadium's roof even shed snow off the sloping dome and injured six people on the sidewalk below. The weather has given the Super Bowl an adventure in the unforeseen.

Maybe in the future the NFL will choose cities for the Super Bowl that are able to cover their whole cities with a dome! Hopefully, the game will go off without a hitch, but if Jim Cantore shows up with a "Storm Stories" truck... they had better watch out!

Edgar Evins Guide

cloudhiking's adventure guide to Edgar Evins' Millennium and Merritt Ridge trails is now available. Go hike the trail, it is great!