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523 Cheesy Thanksgivings 2011-11-24

Cheese Thanksgiving

Last spring when we were a bit upset with our sudden weight gain, we decided to eliminate one item from our diet, cheese. Being a vegetarian, cheese has been a staple of protein for me. The only problem was that we just ate too much cheese. Amy would eat cheese at every opportunity and I would eat cheese at least three times a day - cheese grits in the morning, cheese on my sandwich for lunch, and a cheese topped dinner. After finally cutting the cheese from our diets, our weights stabilized.

Of course we still enjoyed a few slices from time to time when visiting friends or family; but for the most part we have lived cheese-less.

So, while grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, I decided that my Thanksgiving treat should be cheese. Choosing a big hunk of sharp cheddar, we sliced it Tuesday night as a treat. Wow, it was better than expected. The savory crackers and cheese made me salivate more than my dog, Jake who is a golden retriever with the jaws of a hound.

Wednesday, I had a toasted cheese bagel for lunch and in the evening, my dinner was cheese and crackers. I could have eaten the whole block; but I had to ration the supply.

Now, it is Thanksgiving Day. Amy is busy cooking. The poor turkey is being roasted and Jake, the dog, is guarding the aroma. I am left alone with the remains of my block of cheese. I have been trying to think of ways to use the cheese to offset the turkey-ness of the day's feast.

Here are a few suggestions …

Add cheese to all of the vegetable sides. It would have to help the taste of those Brussel sprouts!

Naturally, have cheese and cracker appetizers.

Make a fondue instead of gravy.

Pumpkin cheese cake, with a side of cheese.

Offer cheese toasts, you know like "may the cheddar in your life always be sharp", etc

Carve the block of cheese into a drum stick and gnaw on it in a carnivorous fashion.

And for all those pictures, just say cheese, and then grab a bite to eat!

Happy Cheesy Thanksgiving trails

Thanks to all who have shared with us through reading Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking. We appreciate everyone of you. Thanks and may you have Happy Thanksgiving.


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