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023 Christmas Dreams 2008-12-24

christmas dreams

For a healthier tomorrow, what would you ask Santa for Christmas?

New Shoes - Everyone runs better and walks farther with new shoes. A good way to jump start an active exercise program is a pair of new shoes. One caveat, go easy until they are broken in shoes.

New Clothes - Okay shoes are important but new clothes make you feel good. Want to ride really fast, get a new bike jersey. Want to stretch farther, get new tights. Want to run faster, get a new singlet. When you feel better about how you look, you exercise better.

New Equipment - Whatever your sport or exercise of choice is, new equipment helps you in your endeavor. Get the best headlamp and you will see farther. Get the best sleeping pad and you will sleep better. Get the best dumb bells and you will exercise more. When you use the best you often time perform your best.

New Tech Gear - From monitors to music new tech gear enhances our workouts. Music or book fans love the ipods and can’t exercise without them. Location nerds like their GPS units so they know where they are and where they are going. Fitness gurus taut the heart rate monitors, as their key training tool.

New Gym Membership - Join the Y or the gym. Well, join and then go. I am not an inside exerciser, but for those that are, joining motivates you. Signup for classes so that you are scheduled to attend on a regular basis. Better still join with a family member or friend, so that you will be able to have a partner to help motivate you.

New Trails or Greenways - What can be better than having a new greenway opening. Let’s hope that President-Elect Obama includes greenways and trails in his rebuilding America capital funds. Trails and greenways make it easy and safe to exercise outside.

New You - If gear helps motivate you, then budget for purchases. Use the psychological stimulus to your advantage. But above all, whatever it takes to move you, do it. Let’s all hope for healthy Christmas dreams and an active New Year.


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