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257 Good Health 2010-07-21

Amy hiking strong

While staying in Estes Park, Amy broke a tooth. Her grimmace spoke of pain. Her life changed. She could take the time and go to the dentist to get a temporary fix, but she wanted to look for an even more temporary fix and wait until she returned home.

Now, she is quickly becoming adept at dental repair. Each job takes a few minutes. She places the putty like substance over the broken tooth and sculpts it into a smoother form.

Then she must remember not to use that side of her mouth. The other day she ate the temporary cap and later she brushed her teeth and lost another one. When the caps go missing, she just makes another. She has adapted well to the changes; but it is just one of those things we tend to take for granted.

Health is important. When it becomes altered due to illness, injury, or even a cracked tooth, our lives change. Our simple life must adapt to return to normalcy.

The tooth did not really change our vacation, it just made life a little more complicated for Amy. So many other folks are worse. Their lives are truly changed due to health issues. They adapt to the changes and make the best of their lifes.

We are lucky to be so healthy and to be able to have such a fitness oriented vacation. Amy's tooth hurts; but she is adapting and still enjoying her vacation. It is a change, but worth it.

Happy healthy trails.


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