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508 Halloween Night 2011-11-01

trick or treaters

Yesterday was the big day for ghouls, goblins, and princesses. It was Halloween night. As darkness approached, we added a few festive decorations, filled the candy jack-o'-lantern with bags of candy, and started a small fire in the pit. We were ready for the visitors; but it wasn't quite time, yet.

Down the street we overheard the noise from a ghostly party. The costumed characters were anxious to get underway. The party chaperones kept the youngsters corralled in the yard waiting on the witching time of complete darkness.

Soon there was a spark of activity on the street. Smaller children began their tour of the neighborhood. All the girls were dressed as princesses, ballerinas, or in some other glamorous attire. The boys preferred the hero or super hero costumes.

halloween house

ready and waiting

When it was finally dark the older children finally hit the streets. They carried pillow cases for their bags as they hoped for a bounty of candy riches. The older children did not have time to chat or to even describe their costumes, they had to canvas the neighborhood in just a few hours. They merely said the requried 'trick or treat', scooped as much candy as was allowed, and ran to the next house. The Postal Service could probably learn a few things from these trick or treaters.

It was surprising how many adults were also dressed in costumes to tour the streets with their children. One of my favorite costumes was Pinocchio.

Our friends, Jon and Laura, joined Diane, Amy, and I as we warmed by a fire on the front patio. With each approaching costume we tried to decide who the character was trying to portray. It was great fun.

I am still waiting to see someone dressed as a backpacker, mountain climber, hiker, canoeist, bicyclist, skier, or for that matter even an abominable snowman or trail troll. Maybe someday ...



Thanks to all who tricked, treated, or just dressed up. Happy Halloween and thanks for the great night.

Happy scarry trails


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