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522 Morso Stove
The Heat is On

Morso Stove 7110

Over the past few years, we have been dedicated to keeping our winter thermostat setting at sixty degrees. Now, that doesn't sound like it's very cool, but our friends who visit us know that they need to bring a jacket!

Well, no longer! This year for Thanksgiving we will be able to eat sans down jacket! We have our Morso Stove installed and heating the house.

A few years back we stopped by (n)habit's booth at Earth Day. They were a Morso dealer and displayed brochures on the Morso company. Earth Day was in the spring but we still remembered how cold the house felt. Amy led the research into the company. She wanted to buy from a green company and wanted a low emissions stove.

This fall we visited the (n)habit store and met Rachel and Edward. They led us through the stove buying process. After we had decided on the Morso company, we had to decide what type and style of stove to buy and then who was going to install it.

After pestering Rachel and Edward for a few weeks, we finally decided on the Morso 7110, a radiant stove that "offers Scandinavian Design with an American Twist!"

The installation was not quite that easy. The person Rachel and Edward originally recommended was injured and not taking any jobs. Edward searched and found Sweeps and Ladders for us. Tommy Nelms of Sweeps and Ladders is a fireman who does chimney work on the side. He came out and looked at the stove and chimney and gave us a reasonable and fair bid.


Tommy on the ladder


Patiently, we waited for the installation day. Then, there was heat! The installation was flawless and soon the living room was warm. Yes, we are happy.

Wednesdays are normally the Metro to Mountain gear review day. We don't really classify our new Morso Stove as gear but we thought it would interest some.

So, a few Morso Stove notes ...

The Morso site had videos that answered many of our questions.

We harvest our own wood. Our primary source is dead limbs or trees from the neighborhood.

We enjoy the cutting and splitting process. It is a lot of work but the activity is healthy for us.

Our stove fits perfectly on our hearth and perfectly framed by the fireplace opening.

The stove uses only a small fraction of the wood that we used to burn in the fireplace.

The ash pan makes it easy to clean the ashes from the stove.

It took us a couple of fires before we learned how to best build a starter fire.

We have had to make adjustments on the cut size of the wood.

We also bought the glass hearth plate to protect the floor in front of the stove, we love it!

Our thermostat is still set at 60 degrees. However, when we are using the stove, the temperature rises to the 70's.

A concern is that the kitchen and bathrooms (places with pipes) might need warming - the rooms are not close to the stove. We are monitoring the temperatures in those rooms.

Edward and Rachel from (n)habit were great to work with and offered us a lot of advice.

We were also very happy with Tommy and Beka from Sweeps and Ladders. We already have an inspection and cleaning scheduled for next fall.

Oh, and if you listen closely you might hear a round of cheers from our family and friends for finally buying a Morso Stove! The heat is on.

Happy Morso Stove trails


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