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171 Happy New Year 2010 2010-01-01

Alpine Flowers

Isn’t it odd that the New Year begins in the dead of winter (in the northern hemisphere at least.) I understand the date is tied to the Julian calendar but wouldn’t it be more fitting for the New Year to begin in the spring?

Annually the flora and fauna mark their New Year but theirs is more pragmatic than ours. On January One, the flora and fauna are just trying to survive the winter. But in the Spring, the sun warms the earth and life unthaws from the throes of winter. Grass begins to grow. Buds and then leaves appear on the trees. Migrating birds return to the area. Flowers blossom. Babies are born. Animals begin their foraging. It is the New Year of life.

So instead of saying Happy New Year, maybe we should say, "Merry Winter" and then wait on the celebration until Spring. But then, what would we do with all of the football games?

On a side note: We had a wonderful Eve. A few close friends joined us in celebrating in the cold winter’s night. We discussed 2009 and the hopes for 2010 while listening to a live Old Crow concert. Oh, Laura and Amy schooled us in our annual charades game.

Happy New Year Trails to all. May your feet find new paths to hike, climb, or journey. Enjoy the adventure.


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