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653 Ready to Go 2012-05-29

room of gear ready to go

We are finally ready to go.

In a few days our summer trip will begin. This year we are doing a tour of the southwest. We will start with New Mexico, and then visit Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. It is a tour of the four corners. The wildfires are a concern. With the drought in Colorado as well as all the pine trees that have been killed by the beetle, it seems almost scary. We will change our plans if the fires become a problem.

Our trip will be filled with hiking and climbing, but we are also using our camp time for work. We bought the large MSR Zing tarp to be our office and we will be working with pads and using the Goal Zero solar chargers to keep them powered. Having a portable, solar powered, office should be a good challenge. We will see how it works ...

A few packing notes ...

We have truly tried to cut back. It is just so hard when you do not know exactly what to expect. We are just tired of hauling the 'just in case' gear around.

We hope we don't have to leave anything at our friend Mark's house in Boulder!

Amy has made copies of pages so we don't need to carry so many books.

We are making sure that we stick to the list and not pack that extra shirt that only weighs a little bit. It's funny, every time I go through my gear and clothes, I find something else that is not on the list and have to take it out. I plan more frugally than I pack!

If you are headed out that direction, send us a message and maybe we can hook up for a hike!


Happy Four Corners trails


Note: we will write for Metro to Mountain as often as possible on the trip. So don't forget about us! We hope to come home with lots of tales.


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