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734 Thanksgiving 2012 2012-11-23

Dinner table

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. (A Thanksgiving Story from Metro to Mountain - if you haven't read it) Ours was wonderful ... After a much too short of a time at the Turner's ranch, we hurried home. Folks had already started gathering at our home and were hanging out in the backyard, playing 'Settlers' and entertaining the dogs. After we loaded the ovens, we joined them. It was a perfect day for being outside and incredible weather for Thanksgiving.
When the turkeys were done, we ate. Some sat around the table, others in the living room and still others spilled out onto the porch. Amy and I ended up on the porch sitting by a fire and enjoying the friends and family. It was a special evening.
When we had finished eating and cleaning the dishes, we were exhausted. Amy was ready for bed, but it was only 6.30! Wow! The gathering continued for a few hours, everyone left feeling "full as ticks".
We hope that all of our friends, family, readers, and supporters also had special Thanksgiving days. For those who were able to spend the holiday on the trail or in the mountains, we are envious, but we still cherish these gatherings even if they are in the city.
Other fun notes ...
Last week, the State of Tennessee announced the purchase of Virgin Falls. We did a map of the falls in the spring. It is a must see area! Congratulations to all, for this acquisition.
We are working hard on a map and guide of Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah. The map looks great, we hope the guide is finished soon.
It is Black Friday, the biggest shopping weekend of the year. If you are shopping for outdoor gear, be sure to click on the affiliate links before going to the REI, EMS, or Rocky Mountain Trail sites. Your purchasing clothing, gear, and gifts online through the Metro to Mountain or cloudhiking links really helps us and it doesn't cost you anything. Try it, it is fun.

Happy family trails


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