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532 100 Years Up High
Book Review

100 Years Up High book

"100 Years Up High - Colorado Mountains and Mountaineers" commemorates the first one hundred years of the Colorado Mountain Club. The CMC (Colorado Mountain Club) was instrumental in developing mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, peak bagging, and skiing in Colorado.

By the turn of the century the mountainous lands of Colorado had been devastated by mining. The CMC helped show the way to recreational gold mines in skiing and mountain travels. The CMC's first effort at preserving land for recreation was their instrumental role in the founding of Rocky Mountain National Park. That was just the beginning as they have worked throughout their history to preserve lands across the state.

"100 Years" does a good job of telling the Club's history. The book is filled with interesting photographs and paintings, that keep the pages turning. The pictures alone make the book a worthy purchase; but I found the reading also interesting. Interspersed with the photographs are biographical sketches of mountaineers and 'Climbing Logs' documenting important climb through history.

I enjoyed the early chapters of the book; but I am an armchair mountaineer. "100 Years" included stories of Enos Mills, Ellingwood, the Stettner Brothers, Ormes, Blaurock, and Layton Kor, just to name a few. When Carl Blaurock climbed the 14ers (the 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado) he stood on his head on each summit! Today's youth have a long way to go to best the antics on the pioneers.

After three chapters on mountaineering history, "100 Years" spends one chapter on the environment. At the end of that chapter is a special section on the environmental changes of the mountains that is very well done.

One chapter was devoted to skiing. I am not a skier; but found the stories entertaining. I remembered some of the ski posters that I saw in the '70's. Geez, I am getting old.

There was also an art chapter included in "100 Years". The pictures of the works were amazing. I had trouble trying to decide how the works played such an important role in the Club's history; but I enjoyed looking at them anyway.

The book ends with information about the Club. Lists include Club presidents, award winners, and timelines.

Most folks would probably consider "100 Years" more of a coffee table book than a read; but for either purpose, it makes a good offering and a great Christmas gift.

Happy "100 Years" trails


Note: I could not find the book at any of our Affiliates' Sites. I am sure you can find the book online without any trouble.


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