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742 Bell Lumen
Bicycling Helmet

Bell Lumen bicycle helmet

In the spring of this year, I finally quit trying to repair my old bicycle helmet. It just was not worth the effort. I could still wear it, but I was not positive as to how effective it was since all the suspension and fitting foam had long since disappeared. In order to keep my wife from getting mad at me, I would put it on, but it fit about like a bucket. The top of my head hit the peak of the helmet and nothing else touched.

My wife continually suggested that we needed to replace the helmet. Finally, I did. I was ordering a few Christmas items from REI and saw an inexpensive Giro helmet. There was nothing special about the helmet and luckily for me it came in one size fits all. So how could I go wrong?

The helmet arrived a couple of days later and while my wife was still at work, I tried it on. Hmmm... it didn't really fit. But, it was a one size fits all, so I began tinkering with the straps and head band. I tired it again, but it was tight. I set it aside and waited on my wife's opinion.

When I donned the helmet for her, she almost started laughing. It looked like a beanie on my big head. The helmet was packed in frustration-free cardboard and was easy to repackage. I made a trip to our local REI and naturally they took the one size fits most helmet back. I shopped for a new helmet.

After looking at all the ones on display, I finally chose the Bell Lumen. The helmet fit my criteria: 1) it fit my head, 2) the helmet had limited features, 3) it was in our price range, 4) and lastly - the Lumen was a normal style and color.

A few Lumen notes ...

I could have kept the original helmet that I ordered, but because of the ill fit, I would have made up excuses for not wearing it.

One size really doesn't fit all, but it does fit most. I didn't really think I had that big of a head, but it fit very snug on me.

REI must have had over twenty helmets in stock. An employee helped me find a helmet.

The helmet was a large. The adjustable sizing would allow me to wear a hat underneath the helmet, too.

The fitting/suspension system adjusts easily and the helmet has ample ventilation.

The original one size fits all helmet was $35 but the upgrade was $65. Still, not bad I guess, some helmets were priced $200 or more!

The Lumen helmet has a simple style and normal color. REI had helmets styled in bright colors that I would never wear. They also had odd paint jobs, like the one that looked like a watermelon. Amy wouldn't let me get that one.

The Lumen is a bike helmet and looks like one.

After wearing the helmet a few times, it seems like a good investment. Hopefully, I will get many years of safe usage and never have to see how well it functions as a crash helmet!

Shop with care and patience as you look for a helmet that best meets your needs. The helmet is important for bicycling safety, don't leave home without one!

Happy Lumen trails


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