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166 Hoarders Make Good 2009-12-21

gear room

We have a gear room in the back of our garage. Old this and old that line the walls of the storage area. Yes, we are hoarders. With pads and sleeping bags from the sixties, tents from the seventies, and stoves through the ages the room is filled with memories of adventures.

It is easy to become a hoarder. My wife and I have over seventy-five years experience between us. If we just bought and kept a new sleeping bag every ten years, which does not seem extravagant at all, we would still have seven bags. The stack gets deeper.

With Christmas coming near, how do hoarders justify their existence?

We could sell the gear; but, we do not believe in reselling. We basically keep it (hoard) or give it away. Oh, we have on occasions re-sold, but it was to someone who would not feel right taking the item as a gift. Instead of selling, we try to be outfitters.

Friends or acquaintances who need to borrow gear have their pick of the litter. Do you need long johns? There’s a box for that. Jackets? There’s a rack for that. Tents? There’s a shelf for that. Trekking poles? There’s an old trash can for that.

If the gear is returned damaged, then it is damaged. If someone does not return the gear they borrowed, then they don’t return it. No harm is done, but it does dwindle the supply others might use.

So, Ho, Ho, Ho, if you are a hoarder, be a sharing hoarder. Show good will by freely allowing others to use the gear or clothing.

Also of note: Patagonia recycles old clothing through the Common Threads Garment Recycling. Check it out.

Happy ho, ho, ho sharing trails.


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