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240 Osprey Talon 2010-06-11

Jake and Talon Packs on Bierstadt

A few years back while visiting an outdoors store, I was looking for a light pack to replace the heavy one I was currently using. Scouring the racks and racks of packs, I finally chose the Osprey Talon. I knew nothing about Osprey Packs; but I liked the size and features of the Talon. A salesman gave me his advice in passing, "it is okay; but it is too lightweight. It will never hold up."

I tried the pack on and liked the fit. Enough said. There is a certain joy in finding a pack that really fits. I didn’t care what the salesman said, I liked the fit and the pack was light. I bought it.

Four years of hard wear later, I still like the pack. I have a few holes and worn places; but the pack has been my favorite since I purchase it.


Weight - It is light for it’s size. I actually carry the Talon 44 (about 2600 cubic inches, 2 pound 7 ounces).

Comfort - The pack fits my back and has lots of adjustments to fiddle with when you are walking all day to fine tune the fit.

Cool - The mesh back allows back ventilation. It is the best vented pack I have ever worn.

Pockets - An ample size top pocket (that is removable), a smaller wallet pocket inside the top pocket, pockets on the waist belt, stretch side pockets (for water or fuel bottles), a large outside stretch flap/pocket.

Main Compartment - A nice sized compartment with plenty of compression straps helps manage the load. A zipper near the bottom gives access to the bottom of the pack. I like to store certain things in the bottom of the pack, first aid kit, emergency kit, etc., the zipper makes access a breeze.

Hydration Compartment - The pack has a hydration slot between the mesh back and the pack compartment. It is easy to access and keeps the bladder away from thing in the main compartment.

I have raved about the pack ever since I bought it. My compliments have directly sold seven Osprey packs and at least two more friends plan on buying a Talon this summer.

The old and new pack

My great enthusiasm for this pack led my wife to buy me a second Talon for my birthday. I was surprised. The mesh back on my old pack was wearing. (Note: I do not normally wear a hip belt and I actually think that might have contributed to the wear on both sides of the mesh.) I was not upset and actually felt I had gotten more than a fair amount of wear for the cost of the pack.

When the new pack arrived, I read about Ospreys "All Mighty Guarantee". I called Osprey and they said they could fix my old pack. So I returned it. I plan to continue to use the old pack as a spare and to loan it to friends.

Check out Osprey's web site, they seem to be a really good company. They also, really know how to make a good fitting pack. The Osprey Talon is as good as it gets.

Happy trails with a ‘good fittin’ pack’.


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