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404 Therm-a-Rest Tech

Therm-a-Rest Tech BlanketTherm-a-Rest Tech Blanket

A few years ago we made the decision to keep our thermostat set at 60 degrees in the winter. The very cool setting was tolerable; but we needed to dress for extreme cold weather or have a blanket or throw nearby.

We soon had our own blankets. I used an old North Face sleeping bag. I carried the bag with me through out the winter. If I was going to sit down, I had my bag nearby. My wife just used whichever blanket-bag-throw that was available; as long as it was not mine!

In the second year of 60 degrees, Amy bought a Therm-a-Rest Tech Blanket. Soon she became inseparable with the light throw. I began calling it her blankie. Okay, she didn't put her thumb in her mouth and hold the blankie next to her head; but she did use it all of the time. If an object's use equalled worth; then the Tech Blanket should have cost a million dollars!

I have never really used the blanket; but I have seen it used often - really often. So for a few Tech Blanket tips ...

It is sized more like a throw than a sleeping bag. They make two sizes, so if you have any doubt go with the bigger size.

It only weighs twenty-one ounces.

The blanket is easy to wash and keep clean.

The foot has a drawstring. Cinching the drawstring makes a foot box (for when you are using it as a sleeping bag.)

Snaps along the side seams of the blanket enable you to join two (or I guess more) blankets together.

The snaps also work with the sheets Therm-a-Rest sells. The blanket is a part of the Therm-a-Rest sleep systems.

The blanket has one pocket to use for storage or the Blanket can be stuffed into the pocket.

REI usually gives sleeping bags a temperature rating. The Tech Blanket did not receive a rating. Hmm.

The blanket is very lightweight and packable. It might keep you warm in 50 degree weather, if you slept in your clothes.

Other uses for the blanket, (that I have seen) - wear it draped over your heat like an insulated shawl, tie it around your waist for an insulated skirt, place it over the bed covers for a little extra warmth on one side of the bed, and use it while sitting outside like a stadium blanket.

My wife gives the Therm-a-Rest Tech Blanket a five star rating, because it is small, not heavy, warm, and easy to clean. I personally get a bit tired of her blankie; but that comes from a guy who wore the same Nano Puff pullover for 165 days in a row last winter. She probably got tired of my jacket too!


Happy Tech Blanket trails


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