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465 Sportiva Wildcat 2011-08-31

Sportiva Wildcats

It seems like I am always looking for a new pair of running shoes. Part of the problem is modern marketing rules our buying habits. The manufacturers always seem to be looking for the newest and most innovative items which are easier to sell to the consumer. The brand of shoes that I generally buy, seems to be the worst at changing styles. I understand they are trying to improve the shoes but really ... If I find a pair of shoes I like and try to buy another pair six months later, they no longer exist.

A trail running/climbing friend recommended that I try the Sportiva Wildcats. This same friend had often times suggested that I buy a certain item, as it was the very best. After purchasing his recommended product, I found it just didn't do very well for me. I cautiously followed his recommendation.

I shopped at a store that had a good selection of trail running and hiking shoes. After trying on a few pair of light hiker/approach shoes I tried the Wildcats. They really did fit my feet. I liked the shoe and in particular the non-waterproof version.

For the rest of the summer I wore the Wildcats. In Colorado I hiked over thirty days while wearing them. They possessed a unique blend of cushioning and stability. Once home, I decided to try running in the shoes. I really liked the ride. They felt very similar to the Nike Trail Pegasus which I have worn (some version of) for years. I have worn the Wildcats every day since for running.

I am no longer searching for a running shoe.

A few Wildcat notes ...

My size US 10 shoes, weighed 12.8 ounces each. The weight was very close to the advertised amount.

I am using Sportiva's insoles which seem adequate.

I was warned by the saleman that the shoes would wear out quickly. Mine have not.

The shoes have a scree collar to keep rocks from entering around the tongue. It probably works; but it also makes the shoes harder to put on.

The shoes do not have a heel loop.

The sticky rubber on the soles seems to grip well.

In Colorado there was a lot of snow and runoff. My shoes were often times wet. I was wearing SmartWool or Patagonia wool socks and my socks dried in no time. The shoes are not waterproof; but they do ventilate.

Finally, no blisters.

Yes, I would recommend these shoes. I just hope that Sportiva continues to make them for many years to come.

Happy Wildcat trails


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