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630 Top Ten
Earth Day Resolutions

2011 Earth Day

Earth Day 2011

Last Saturday was Earth Day. In Nashville, the usual festivities were dampened by the cool, wet weather. In years past, Centennial Park was filled with folks celebrating, but this year the happiness of a spring day was not to be seen. Folks were not necessarily dancing with joy, it was more like moving just to stay warm. Still, it was Earth Day and rain or shine it was time to honor our planet of life.

On New Year's Day we make resolutions for the coming year. Generally those resolutions include things that will make us better people. We solemnly declare that we are not going to do this and we are going to do this.

For Earth Day why don't we also make resolutions? Most of the resolutions listed below are simple. However to make the resolutions become solutions we might have to change our way of thinking. We have to raise our awareness of our personal impact on the environment and on Mother Earth.

The Top Ten Earth Day Resolutions ...

10 - Practice recycling - Tennessee was recently named one of the worst states for recycling. In our neighborhood, with curb side pickup, households still do not recycle. As I travel the streets I see recyclable goods in trash cans and trash in recycle cans. Strive for zero waste. Support the recycling programs in your community.

09 - Composting - Buy or make a compost and start making fertile dirt. Instead of throwing scraps down the disposal, put them to good use by adding them to a compost.

08 - Medication Disposal - Don't throw those outdated medicines in the trash or down the drain. In Nashville the medicines can be taken to any of the Police Precincts for proper collection and disposal. The medicines that are good for you, but may not be good for the fish!

07 - Electronics and Batteries - Improper disposal of electronics contributes most of the lead that is in landfills. In Nashville check with the Metro Recycling Program for how to dispose of electronics properly. Some stores and even companies offer to recycle their products. All rechargeable batteries can be recycled, but all batteries need to be recycled or disposed of properly.

06 - Bags - Buy, use, and reuse bags for shopping. Stop using the plastic and paper bags. When we forget to bring a reusable bag into the store, we opt to still not use a bag and take the cart out to the car and unload the purchases into the car without a bag.

05 - Buy Locally - Commit to buying all that you can locally. Buying locally takes away the pollution associated with transportation.

04- Home Improvements - Each year, try to do something to improve your home's energy efficiency. There is always something that could be better insulated or caulked.

owl 03 - Walk/Bike - Commit to leaving the car at home. Find ways to drive less.

02 - Reduce - Buy fewer things and live smaller!

01 - Give a Hoot and Don't Pollute! - As Woodsy, the Owl, said in the old Forest Service ad campaigns ...

Give a hoot... don't pollute.
Never be a dirty bird...
In the city or in the woods...
Please keep America looking good!

Though Earth Day has passed, you can still make resolutions.

Happy Earth Day Resolutions trails


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