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066 Green Expo 2009-04-06

Green Expo at David Lipscomb

Over the weekend the GREEN Business and Living Summit & Expo was held at Lipscomb University in Nashville. We attended partly just to show our support but also wanted to see if there was anything new happening. We love surprises.

Lipscomb is only a few miles from our house so naturally we biked along with another couple to the Expo. The overall focus of the event seemed to be directed more to businesses that individuals; but we were still interested in seeing what green ideas were being presented.

Vendors from Porter Paints to No Gas America (scooters) were there. Since we had no scheduled house improvements we were more interested in obtaining web site addresses and other internet connections. Our friends who rode over with us, are in the beginning stages of building a new house and were therefore more interested in talking to the vendors as potential suppliers or contractors.

Some of the vendors had information only booths, while others were wanting to sell something, anything. We tried to stay clear of the hucksters and driven to the good information booths. The permeable paving solutions, solar energy, and geothermal systems were some of the more interesting booths. Porter Paints, who have developed "green" paints for homeowners, proved to be one the more useful vendors for us. We are always needing to paint something in the house, so for us it is good that we finally have greener solutions.

Though the Expo was directed more toward businesses than individuals, it still offered delightful morsels of green innovation. Anyone owning a business would have benefited from the Expo as solutions were demonstrated for transportation, building, energy, recycling, and living. We enjoyed the Expo because we were exposed to some new ideas and I got a new t-shirt!

Earth Day is just a couple of weeks away, can’t wait.


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