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590 The Joy of a Swim 2012-03-01

Jake swimming in the river

Sunday afternoon we took Jake, the dog, to visit our local, Warner Parks. The almost perfect February day led to crowds at the parking areas and on the trails. We would have expected no less. Parking at the Nature Center we walked on the Harpeth Woods Trail for a ways, then peeled off and headed toward the Little Harpeth River.

Jake walks on his leash when we go for hikes in the parks. To help spend a bit of his energy we detoured from the trail and crossed Butler Field to a secluded spot along the Little Harpeth River. In the summer, the river is shallow and mostly rocks, but being winter, the wet season, we were able to find a spot that was about four feet deep. There was enough water in the pooled area for Jake to swim. Perfect. As we approached the water Jake was overcome with excitement. Finally we took off his leash and he immediately jumped into the water. Joy spread over his body. Jake was swimming again.

Time after time we threw sticks into the river and watched as he retrieved them. He could not get enough. Jake does not get to swim every day, maybe that is why he likes it as much as he does. He was definitely smiling as we walked away.

As we live in the cities and long to be on the trails and in the mountains, we are not much different than Jake. When we ride our bikes, go for a run, take a hike, or climb a mountain - we also smile. It is just being natural.

All folks are not the same, but we need to do physical activities and we need to be in nature, the great outdoors. The adventures give us life. And, yes, from time to time you might hear us howl with joy, just like our good old dog, Jake when he gets to swim.

Happy swimming trails




Link to Warner Parks Map


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