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911 Spring on the
Richland Creek Greenway

Jake and Amy walking along the greenway.

Sunday, the clocks were scooted forward one hour to daylight savings time. Every afternoon we now get an extra hour of daylight. For most folks who like to do things outside, the scooting up day is joyous.

After working around the house most of the day, we had an afternoon appointment that disrupted us from taking true advantage of a blue bird weather day. We decided to take our good dog, Jake, with us to the appointment and then to stop at a local greenway, Richland Creek, after the meeting.

Lucky for us the meeting was short and soon we were on our way. When we arrived at the greenway access, we found that the small parking area was filled. Jake was howling with excitement as we found additional parking on a nearby street. The McCabe Golf Course and the Richland Creek Greenway were bustling with activity. It was a perfect afternoon and it seemed like everyone in Nashville was outside and enjoying some form of exercise. We knew the path was going to be crowded with walkers, runners, strollers, bicycles, and dogs. We only hoped they didn't mind us joining them.

The greenway's major loop goes around the golf course. Along one leg of the route, the path follows Richland Creek. Jake is a Golden Retriever and so as he neared the creek there was a new bounce in his old legs. We had to stop and let him get in the water.

Our first stop was not very good. The creek was shallow and rocky - making it difficult for an old dog to move, but he got wet and that satisfied his urges until we could find some deeper water. Near Dutchman Curve we found water deep enough for him to swim. What a happy dog!

New path headed toward the clubhouse.

New path going around the practice green (green is immediately to the left)

Finishing the loop we found a new construction project. As the old path neared the golf clubhouse the path ended and the loop users had to navigate through the parking areas and driveways to finally reach the path as it continued just beyond the new community center.

Last week, I had rode my bike through the area, while on an errand, and noticed a small section on the work. While walking we saw the entire project. It is great news that the loop is being finished. Many children use the greenway and the added section will give them a defined path that separates the greenway from motorized traffic. Also for first time users of any age, the continued path will make navigation simpler. The old path was not overly difficult to navigate, but directional signs would have helped. For example, we could never decide whether to go in front of or behind the clubhouse. Well the problem will soon be solved, the path will be continuous.

New path along the parking area of the Community Center. The path goes around the driving range

New path near the Community Center parking area

Cheers to Metro Parks and Government for completing the loop. Richland Creek is a well used and loved greenway. A stroll around the loop was a great way to spend the extra daylight hour.

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cloudhiking - Richland Creek


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