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081 A Walk in the Park 2009-05-11

Percy Warner Park Alle'

On Mother’s Day after the pageantry of a brunch cooked by Rose for her mom and grandma, we went for a walk in the park. Our friends Jon and Laura joined us and naturally Jake, the dog. Amy and I were trying to get a mini workout by carrying a pack and climbing a few hills.

Nashville has had a near record rainfall for May 2009 leaving the trails a muddy quagmire. I usually don’t mind walking in the mud, but because of our recent backpacking trips, I think I might be developing a mud-a-phobia. We decided to walk the scenic 5.8 mile road loop instead of the trails. (Actually, when the trails are very muddy, I do try to avoid them but not because of a phobia. I refrain from the trails because of the wetness, hiking on the sloppy trail accentuates the water damage. Trying to avoid the mud by walking to the side of the trail causes even more damage.)

The road we were walking was very scenic and the grades were steep enough to be a challenge. Walking at a steady clip we completed the loop in about one hour and forty-five minutes, a good time, but we were walking on a road! Jake had fun playing in the water of the backed up/flooded drainage ditches. With their endless tales, Laura and Jon entertained us, shortening the miles with laughter. We were all sorry we didn’t get to hike the trail, though.

Laura and Jon talked me into going to the Smokies with them next weekend. We are going to hike the Bullhead Trail on Mount LeConte - a total of twenty-one or two miles from Sugarland, hmm. Amy has tons of school work and cannot join us. Jake, the dog, is not allowed on the trails, so he will not be able to go either. He really needs to stay home anyway to keep Amy company. I am looking forward to the trip and the challenge.

We should be in Colorado in four weeks to start acclimating for our Fourteeners summer. The push is on.

Amy and I were happy that the walk was uneventful and even easy. It was simply a walk in the park. Now, if we can just finish our planning, packing, and preparations while still training, working, and spending time together. Wow!

Oh, I just finished reading the book, Halfway to Heaven. It was a fun biography on the Fourteeners. A review might follow, but check it out anyway.

Happy trails.


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