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399 Jetboil Sol Titanium Stove 2011-05-18

Jetboil Sol Ti Sove

Flick the igniter, turn the knob, and it roars. Hmm, this one is a little different. Within 30 seconds it began to steam and vibrate. We watch as the roar seems to intensify. The make shift Action Packer table begins to shake and then there is an eruption as hot steam spews from the small hole. Wow!

This descriptive narrative was not from watching a volcano erupt; but from our first try with our new Jetboil Sol Titanium Stove. Needless to say, we were impressed.

We have owned a Jetboil Stove for several years now. We slowly adapted to using the stove and finally it became our primary one. It took a while for us to leave behind our small Snow Peak stove, cleaver Markhill Hanging Stove, heavy duty MSR stoves, and various other efforts at boiling water and finally accept the Jetboil as the Elvis of heating water (a pan shaking, King!). Our only complaint was that the stove /pot system of the Jetboil was big and heavy.

Over the winter our prayers were answered, Jetboil came out with another line of stoves. We chose the Titanium model because it reduced the weight by a smidgen and we prefer cooking in a titanium pot to an aluminum one. Every time we have used the stove we are simply amazed. Welcome to the jet age!

A few Jetboil Sol Titanium Stove Notes ...

Our boil time (2 cups of water, outside temperature 50 degrees, 500 feet elevation, slight breeze) was averaged (on three timed boils) to 1 minute 40 seconds. Oh, the pot was cooled before each trial; but the temperature of the boiling water was not measured.

The original Jetboil's boil time was 2 minutes 50 seconds under similar conditions.

The Ti stove only weighs 8.5 ounces! In comparison the Snow Peak Giga Stove weighs 3.75 ounces and the Snow Peak Titanium Trek 700 Mug weighs 4.25 ounces. The combined Snow Peak kit weighs a half an ounce less; but the heating capacity is no contest - the Sol Ti is unbelievably faster at boiling water.

It is hard to cook on the Jetboil. We don't even try. We plan meals that only require boiling water. That is the trade off for having a lightweight blaster.

The pan support ring was greatly improved. The first edition was a floppy cantankerous device, but the new one snaps into place. It is a solid improvement.

The first time we used the Sol Ti, the ring that connects the pot to the stove was too tight. We had trouble disconnecting the pot from the stove; but after we reshaped the ring a bit, it is easy to separate the pot from the stove.

The stove feels less solid than the original Jetboil stove. The Sol Ti probably would not be a good group stove; but should be trouble free if handled with care.

The pot does not have a boiling indicator like on the other Jetboil pots. Position the spout in the lid so that you can see inside the pot to check on the water's progress. If you miss the water coming to the boiling point, it will definitely let you know.

The stove does spew steam and water when the Sol Ti comes to a roiling boil. It is easy to turn the stove off and then remove the pot once it settles down.

Always use care handling the stove. Practice with the stove before using it in the backcountry.

Our one complaint about the stove was the neoprene sleeve had an odd odor. Hopefully, the odor will disappear with use.

The bottom line is that this is a great stove that matches our needs and experience. We highly recommend it.

Happy Jetboil Sol Ti trails

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