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468 Trail Sense 2011-09-05

heavy backpacks

Hikers we met as they descended from the mountains following an overnight trip,
they were hurting.

Trail Sense is a blend of all that we know about trails, hiking, and backpacking. It sits somewhere in the middle of the extremes. A couple of examples:

There are those who go backpacking who carry loads of seventy pounds. The big haulers creep along the trails like tortoises who are always ready to get rid of their shells. Of course, at camp they have all the luxuries of city life, but isn't that what we are trying to get away from?

Then, there are those who carry only what they deem as essential and pare the weight down to under ten pounds, counting food and water. These folks move like rabbits hopping along the trail putting in big miles each day, but lack any items of comfort. In camp they sleep on a paper thin pad and only have clothing for the warmest of temperatures. They often find themselves compromising on food, warmth, and sleep in order to carry the lightest pack.


light hiking on RMNP trail

Carrying a light load to Chipmunk Lake in RMNP

Somewhere between the over burdened and the under prepared is a ground of compromise; Trail Sense.

Trail Sense includes fitness, gear, planning, and techniques. We have tried a lot of crazy things over the years to try and gain more enjoyment out of hiking and backpacking. We plan to share those with you.

Happy sensible trails

Trail Sense


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