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896 On the Streets
Christmas - '13

Fragile leg lamp in the window

Our neighborhood decorates for the Holidays and Christmas. There is quite an assortment of lights, decorations, and lawn fixtures. During some recent (December) walks, dog walks, runs, and bike rides, these are a few interesting observations ...


Or 'fra-jee-lay' ... Down the street, as Jake and I were passing, we looked into a window and to our surprise there was a leg lamp shining brightly. Yes, the contest winner's 'Major Prize' - a leg lamp - was on display in a front window. From one of our favorite Christmas movies, A Christmas Story, Ralphie's dad won the leg lamp in a contest and proudly displayed it as a Christmas decoration for all of Cleveland Street. Our neighbors probably bought the leg lamp instead of winning it in a contest, but it still brought back memories of Christmases past as a little smile crept across my face.

Air filled holiday decoration of a camper with Santa inside

Santa's Camper

Close to the house, we passed a fun, blow up yard decoration. It was a trailer/camper that the door opened and Santa was in the doorway.

A friend of ours recently bought an Airstream. She speaks highly of the joys of trailer camping, but I wonder if Santa uses her camper??? I think Santa would like a camper. The trailer would be more secure than a sleigh, but we would have to make sure Rudolph and the gang could still pull it.

figures of Yoda, R2D2, and Darth Vader in a neighbors yard

Star Wars Christmas

Neighbors up the street have been slowly adding to their decorations. The big addition this year was Yoda with a light saber. Yoda proudly stood alone guarding the front yard. Then after about a week, R2D2 and his nemesis Darth Vader appeared. No wonder Yoda was needed to guard the house, I am sure it had been targeted by Darth Vader and Yoda was needed to keep the Dark Side away so that Santa could visit the house. (Daytime photo because the characters were more recognizable in daylight.)

Hope all have Happy Trails this Christmas and Holiday season


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